About Us

We have contracts with almost all approved University in Ukraine, to Recruiting student foreign students from all around the globe through our easy and user friendly websites to serve you at your door step. Our goal is to guide and provide all perspective student (New Entrant student) whiling to study in Ukrainian universities.We much experience in this field, we have brought together all information and processes for our students, while we are expecting you.
What did we do for you

You will need an agent to gain admissions into the Ukrainian Universities. This is due to the mass requests for invitations. There are tens of thousands of international students studying various courses in major Ukrainian Universities all over the country. The request for invitations is getting higher each year making the universities unable to handle but leaving the work to their accreditted contractors.

There are tens of agents and many more sub-agents. These make the charges from the students get artificially higher and higher depending on the number of people between the students and the Universities. Many students paid $5000 or more for their first year while never realising that the actual fee is much less. For example, students willing to study in Russian language must first study a one-year preparative course before starting their main courses. The preparative course costs only between $1200 to $1400 depending on the Universities, but never higher. Many students decide to study the preparative courses, but due to ignorance, still pay some $3800 or more as the sub-agents charge them. With us, this will not happen to you! We provide you the oppourtunity of paying the minimum, as the University charges. We save you money and time. We work directly with your local agents/representatives in your countries or with the prospective students. Our Students do not come to Ukraine to pay some artificially higher prices! Our team consist of Ukrainians and Nigerians who live permanently in Ukraine. We are always ready to assist the students in every aspects and situations that may arise to make their stay and education a very comfortable and pleasant one.
What we offer

• Official Admission Letter from the chosen University

• Deposit of Course Fee with the Department of Higher Education in Ukraine for respective University.

• VISA Support letter from Ministry of Education & Science of Ukraine to respective embassy of Ukraine.

• Reception of student from any airport or railway station of Ukraine with University and Ministry of Education Officials

• Assistance in Immigration Clearance in Ukraine.

• Accommodation arrangement in University Hostel.

• Medical Insurance,health care Test, Police registration.

• Student ID Card, Hostel Card, International Student Card.

• Opening of Bank Account in UKRAINE International Bank.

• VISA support during the entire period of study

• Orientation program for students in the local environment (City Tour)

• Take care of student’s examinations during their study periods.